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Pornstar Mark Woods Pounds 19yo Christian

Christian Yamaguchi is from Seattle Washington and wrote to AsianBoyNation that he wanted to model for the site. He mentioned that he was 19 years old, 5'7 (170 cm) and 120 lbs (84 Kg). He also told us that he had a fantasy about being fucked by a porn star and he wanted us to make this fantasy come true. When we saw his pictures, we felt that he would be fulfilling our fantasy by appearing in front of the camera! Mark Woods had been in a few films including The Sailor and the Surfer and is a hot young top with an ample size dick. We sent Mark pictures of Christian to see if the two would be compatible and when we called Mark to follow-up, he told us, "I got hard just looking at Christian! I can't wait to fuck that tight Asian ass!" Download the full video in the highest quality at Click here to download the full video!

Rates : 5


November 11, 2016

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