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Happy Ending To A Perfect Date

Out on a date, Reiji and Hisoka then go back and shower up, and down. These two AsianBoys.XXX know how to lather one another well. Their "soapy sword play" arouses before they move to the bed. Hisoka, being an "ass man," rubs and spreads his partner; the top also spends time "tasting" other "aspects" of his boy toy. Up on his knees, and arching his back, Reiji gets some "junkatsu" in the trunk. Fingering his hole, the bottom boy whimpers softly. Once Hisoka goes in, on a "thicker scale," the real panting begins. The "succulent" sounds of this pairing ebb and flow with the top's rhythmic motion; Hisoka slaps the ass he is owning. Reiji has the top lie down so he may ride; the camera zooms in as "tight" as the bottom's hole. On his back, Reiji lets the top pound away, which brings Hisoka to the edge. Ready to release, Hisoka pulls out and "splashes all about."Click here to download the full video!

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November 9, 2016

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