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MODELS Riku (top) and Kiba (bottom). No time to waste in this hot AsianBoys.XXX video. When your back's against the wall, the best thing to do is just enjoy the ride. Kiba, pinned, is more than happy to be Riku's boy toy. Putting his hands and mouth all over his partner, Riku will soon be using other parts of his body to seize the boy. Licking both the front and backside of the bottom, Riku is then serviced. Face fucking Kiba, the top ass-ures more pleasure to follow. Fingering the bottom, Riku gauges the boy's hole then enters with his fat dick; Kiba pants with each thrust. Keeping up a really fast pace, Riku is ready to blow in no time; he puts Kiba on the receiving end of his load. Using more mouth to handle the bottom, Riku likes the drop down service he gets in return.

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November 16, 2016

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