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A Shot To the Chin

Here's a familiar face we haven't seen in a long time. Shosei is back and we're happy to say that we'll be seeing more of him here on AsianBoys. Today, we had him scheduled with another model and unfortunately, the other model couldn't make it. So rather than waste the time, Shosei agreed to do a solo for us just to remind us of what's to cum and what the other model missed out on. Shosei was previously under an exclusive contract with Japanboyz and then went to school to be a flight attendant. He finished his schooling and now works for a major airline and based out of Osaka. We're going to try and have him do at least one film every month with us. We had brought some toys along for the scene today and we just let Shosei play. Planning for the "shoot" today, Shosei hasn't got off for a couple days. His balls were so full that he barely missed blowing his load into his mouth hitting his chin. Click here to download the full video!

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November 14, 2016

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